Freedom Pilates

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At Freedom Pilates we are dedicated to give you a quality and fun experience!

We offer a comprehensive Pilates programme that is progressive on a very personal level to you, so you can reach your own targets safely.

I will guide you in over 100 exercises that I have the skill set to modify and progress giving you a confidence to work towards your own goals at your own level safely.

After you have been enrolled and any concerns have been addressed the fun begins you can join the Freedom Pilates classes, where I will continually observe and assess you throughout the class and if needed I will offer hands on corrections, this will enable you to develop and learn each individual exercise correctly.

one exercise performed correctly is better than one hundred perform wrong

This will help you become in tune with yourself to develop and create your own personal awareness where I will give you tips on how to perfect each movement. You will improve your movements because the BCP (Body Control Pilates) method helps you to acquire a deeper understanding of each exercise, you can and will excel towards your own personal goals and feel proud of your achievements.

I always promote and facilitate quality enhanced movements, which I encourage you to take on board into your every day life consciously so every day you physically feel amazed. I will give you knowledge so you feel, know and understand a deeper connection within yourself.

Pilates is your life insurance

You will feel a difference after your first class so come and try out Freedom Pilates and experience it for yourself, I will hand you the key to a new you. The aim at Freedom Pilates is for you to gain maximum benefit from every single class you attend. In every class we are reminded about the A,B,C's. Alignment Breathing and Centring (core stability), we encourage Relaxation and Flowing Movements we will work towards building up your Stamina and ROM Range Of Movement helping your Concentration and Co-ordination (Control).

Let's face it... we all move right? Every single day we move, some days can be better than others no matter what your age! We normally move on auto-pilot, come to Freedom Pilates and learn to move on auto-pilates. In our Pilates class you will learn the unique teaching method that BCP teachers offer. This is a golden tried and tested method incomparable to others. Tailored for the individual in class, you will not find this in any non-BCP Pilates class in the UK.

With BCP teachers you know you are in safe hands, we are not just the average village hall Pilates class we are The exception to the rule. At Freedom Pilates we hand you the key of knowledge so you can experience bringing Pilates into your every day life.

All of my classes are fully insured and small, I only teach up to 12 students per class.
I hold a BCPA membership and I am a skills active member registered on REP's (register of exercise professionals)

I also hold a current first aid certificate.